Ghost Cupcake

Happy Halloween!!!!

Just incase my coworkers weren’t already in the spirit of this spooky holiday, I decided to bake something with a little character. The best part about these little cupcakes are their faces! Each one came out a little different and made for a fun arrangement of silly ghosts looking up from my cupcake container.

I decided to change up my frosting recipe a little bit for these guys. I used the chocolate cake recipe found here… 

But I used the frosting recipe found here… 

From my limited experience I have come to find that a frosting with a wiped cream base does not hold up well overnight in the fridge.  Since I bake all my goodies the night before, this is a must! The whipped frosting looks good on the cupcake top for about an hour… then you turn around for two seconds and before you know it its gone flat. Just think of what whipping cream does on your slice of pumpkin pie at thanksgiving if left too long. You get the idea. That’s why I think its best to go with a rigid frosting if you don’t plan to serves a cupcake within the hour. Buttercream is my stand by. However, sometimes all that butter can get a little overwhelming. Hence my change in frosting choice for these little ghosties. Light on the butter and a little more powdered sugar turned out a good frosting that I’ve been told has a very similar liking to vanilla ice cream. I had one coworker go home and have a bowl just because she said my cupcake made her crave it all day lol.

Ghost Cupcake


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